Set Card Game HD 1.02

Set Card Game HD 1.02



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Set Card Game HD is Optimized for iOS 7. Enjoy the new content. Download NOW!

Set Card Game HD is specially designed to exploit the iPad™s multi-touch, multi-player functionality to enable you to enjoy the most awarded visual perception game in history. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) says "So, what's better about Set Pro HD than either the earlier Set app or a deck of Set cards. Well, pretty much everything.....".

The SET game has won over 35 Best Game Awards. SET Pro HD enables you to find SETs at the speed of your brain. Using two hands you have the same speed advantage as you do in typing or playing the piano. The sense of a really fast player is, in fact, that of a piano player (see the YouTube demo - boy does this guy have good brain connections!). The SET game is also enjoyed when played with others. In multi-player game play there are no turns in the game. Up to four people can simultaneously play all using both hands. SET Pro HD removes all previous electronic limitations in all of its play modes, making this realization of the Set game a joy to play.

To find a SET you must recognize three cards on the gameboard of 12 cards in which each of the features, examined independently, are either the same on the 3 cards OR different on the 3 cards. That™s it. One rule. It is deceptively simple. Thus, it™s easy to learn. A 6 year old can do it. But it™s a challenge for life, and mastering it challenges college students and their professors. The game has two levels Basic and Advanced. All players, regardless of age need to learn using the Basic level. Once you get the idea down, move to the Advanced level where you will experience the depth and richness of the mental challenge of SET. The Advanced level is the complete SET game. Of course, since SET is a game for all ages, younger players may take longer to be able to play the full game. Basic level has 3 features that anyone can master. Advanced level has four features, which is a challenge for all.

When you want a challenge for just yourself, SET Pro HD includes 6 solitaire game modes, Classical SET, Rediscovery SET, Sprint SET, Marathon SET, Puzzle SET, and Arcade SET. In Classical SET play, SET Pro HD challenges you to get through the deck in the shortest time finding SETs. In Rediscovery SET you try to get 25 SETs in the shortest time, with the cards either being rearranged, or, with 3 cards randomly replaced every 10 seconds if you don™t find a SET. In Sprint SET you are challenged to get the most SETs in 60 or 90 seconds. You never run out of cards. In Marathon SET you must pace yourself to get the best scores. Puzzle SET challenges you to find 4 or 6 SETs in a fixed gameboard of cards. Arcade SET paces you as you play requiring you to find SETs faster and faster until you cry ˜uncle™. In all game modes you can play either Basic or Advanced Level.

In multiplayer mode, players tap their scorecards to take control of the board, and then tap-in their SET, or, after tapping they can swipe their scorecard (or tap the NO-SET icon) to gain additional points if they perceive that a NO-SET situation exists. A point is lost if 3 cards are selected that don™t make a SET, or if a player doesn™t tap the cards within the time limit.

For beginners, there is an interactive Tutorial, and Hints are provided in all the game modes. Players can choose to play in teams. Your scores can be kept in the STATS if you choose, and in STATS ALL your best scores and those of all your friends are ranked if players want to see their rankings.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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